Multiskip Wagon


The Multiskip Wagon represents a revolution in feeding technology. This wagon was specifically designed for southern farmers requiring a machine able to handle the steep terrain. Similar to the Multifeed Wagon, it’s able to handle all feed types, negating the need for separate bale and silage machines. Its robust construction and high tow-point gives it stability and anti-rolling characteristics to match the hillside capability of today’s high performance and 4WD tractors. The bin capacity with sides is six cubic metre of 3.5 tonne of silage. The mesh side panels are easily removable and individually drop into place. A special 3-point linkage to the tractor is included with the wagon.


High Stability

Designed specifically for feeding in steep terrain with anti-rolling characteristics.


Can handle all common feed types

Modular Design

Major wagon components are bolt enhancing the wagon life capacity.


All parts are fully blasted, primed and urethane painted or galvinised. Additional galvinising is available.


Bin Capacity 8 cubic metre
Gross Vehicle Mass ~6670 kg
Machine Axle Single
Stub Axles 70sq Stub
Standard Tyres 400/60-15.5W&T
Elevator Drive Gearbox
Swivel Toweye Standard
Overall Length m
Overall Width m
Loading Height m
Bin Length m
Bin Width m
Bin Height m